Despite Boston’s cultural diversity, there is no space where stories and material culture of its various residents—of different immigrants, migrants and their descendants, of travelers and laborers from other states, as well as people forcefully displaced—are collected together and made publicly available.

The (Im)migrant Experience Initiative (IEI) is a digital archive of and exhibit space for (im)migration narratives and artifacts, as well as a public humanities research and digital storytelling project supported by the American Studies Department and the Joseph P. Healey Library at the University of Massachusetts Boston. IEI capitalizes on the unique position of the University of Massachusetts Boston as a state educational institution with an explicit mission of public engagement, situated in one of the key American urban centers, and at the hub of multiple transcultural and multilingual networks, to provide a space where migrants and their descendants, researchers, policymakers, and popular audiences can engage each other, across social demarcation lines, in conversations about migration and culture.